Interconnection/Net Metering

If a member decides to purchase a renewable power system for their home, the process to interconnect that system with Laurens Electric is as follows: The member must agree to meet the Laurens Electric’s standards for interconnection.

Once the member agrees to meet those standards the next step is for the member to submit an interconnection application with $100 application fee.

Once Laurens Electric approves the interconnection application, next the member will sign an interconnection agreement with Laurens Electric and then be able to move forward with the installation of the renewable power system.
After installation, once the system is certified, Laurens Electric will complete the interconnection.

Finally, the member will then be set up with net metering.

For more information or questions about interconnection, please call or e-mail Jim Donahoo at 864.683.1630.

Community Solar

Community Solar gives members the opportunity to share in the benefits of solar power, even if they can’t, or prefer not to install solar panels on their property.

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As a trusted source for reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible electricity for more than 75 years, Laurens Electric Cooperative and South Carolina’s 19 other independent, member-owned and not-for-profit electric co-ops developed to help members make informed decisions about investing in solar power, proper installation and safety. 

Get information about solar basics, finding a contractor, installation, financing and tax incentives. includes information about finding an experienced, certified contractor to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, a Do the Math page that gives tips to size a PV system for a home, information about financing and tax incentives and a calculator to determine estimated costs and savings. Other sections include a Final Checklist & Questions and provide information about Energy Storage and interconnect requirements and applications. 

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