• What is green power?

    It is electricity generated by renewable resources like solar, wind and methane gas from decomposing garbage. These resources are replenished naturally and minimize harm to the environment.

  • Why is Laurens Electric offering the Green Power Program to its member-customers?

    Laurens Electric Cooperative and Santee Cooper are working together on the Green Power Program in response to increased customer interest in renewable energy and concern for the environment. One of Laurens Electric core values is commitment to the community. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve and Green Power will help us do that. By encouraging demand for renewable energy, we can help reduce reliance solely on limited generation resources while improving and preserving the environment for future generations.

  • Where does the electricity for the Green Power Program come from?

    At this stage of Green Power development, the primary source of renewable energy comes from methane gas located in landfills. In addition, a small part comes from solar and wind energy, all located right here in South Carolina.

  • What is methane gas and how is it renewable?

    Waste put into landfills decomposes over time. Landfill gas is the product of this process, which is made up of different components. Methane is one of these and is the most valuable as a fuel. This gas is considered renewable because it is produced through natural decomposition of organic materials.

  • How does renewable energy differ from other energy sources?

    Today, most electricity comes from limited generation resources. Renewable resources, such as decomposing garbage, solar and wind provide a regenerating fuel source for electricity. Using renewable resources to produce electricity will help reduce the need to use conventional generators powered by limited resources.

  • Do Laurens Electric member-customers actually receive Green Power?

    Electricity is the flow of electrons. These electrons flow through power lines from both the Green Power generators and conventional fossil fuel generators into a “pool.” Power lines carry these electrons from the “pool” to your home. It is impossible to guarantee that the electrons you receive at your electrical outlet came from the Green Power generators directly. However, your participation in this program is ensuring that electrons generated from renewable-resource generators are being added to this “pool” and less energy from conventional sources is being produced.

  • Why does renewable energy cost more?

    Facilities that use renewable resources to generate electricity are currently expensive to build and operate. Increased customer demand by people like you for renewable energy will lead to further development of renewable technologies. Although the price is slightly higher, the impact of green power on the environment is less, rendering its value immeasurable.

  • Where will my money go?

    All revenues from Green Power premiums will be reinvested in the future development of additional renewable resources or facilities.

  • What is accreditation and why is it important?

    Green Power is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at www.green-e.org.

  • How much will my participation in the Green Power Program cost?

    A: Your cost will vary depending on how many blocks you chose to buy. Each block purchased will add an extra $3 to your monthly electric bill. For residential members, rates are:

    $3 per month for 1 block (100kWh)
    $6 per month for 2 blocks (200 kWh)
    $9 per month for 3 blocks (300 kWh)

    You can also choose to purchase any number of blocks for $3 each

    Participation in Green Power is voluntary by Laurens Electric member-customers. A member-customer may discontinue participation in Green Power at any time.

  • How do I enroll?

    Enrolling is easy: Just call 1-888-942-3141 or click here to fill out an online application.